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I want yo0 to come a lil closer [entries|friends|calendar]

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[19 Jul 2004|03:13pm]
new lj-name

add it =]

break the mold.

[12 Jul 2004|11:40am]
ahh wat to0 d0 . wat to0 d0 ?

---hes sooo god damn cute! im so confused

-- and yet i still miss 'him'

-- <3 J slice =]
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[08 Jul 2004|06:55pm]

okay ive decided to make my journal friends onlii just cuz of stupid comments being left by unknown people in a couple of entries and then one in bryannes journal so yea

comment to be added

if ur already on my friends list dun worry about it ur still on
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[08 Jul 2004|11:59am]
[ mood | tired ]

okay so quick update about yesterday and today

um summer school sucked ass . i was sick . came home to0k a longggg relaxin bath then slept til like 5 . and then didnt do much of anything

today summer school was decent better than yesterday anyways .. i saw my two favorite ppl [haha not] steve and bill . then went to d&d and saw mike anctil . yea hes so cute ! .. and he was all tellin me i looked madd cute. and that i smell good and stuff when he gave me a hug . even tho i looked like shyt but w,e

so today im just chillin wit bryanne and steve nd bill . then idk probably sleeping . and then hopefully chillin wit alan tonight

pic of mike unda the cut
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[07 Jul 2004|07:23pm]
o yea taylor twellman was def. very sexy !
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[06 Jul 2004|01:06pm]
taylor twellman tonight holly hottness !

o0o and i must mention that coaches son adam is in my english class at summer school .. what fun
- along with benna and joshie poo and bryanne and kyle sousa and chris carvalo
- and in my science class is bryanne . gabe . kyle . and sum kid chris that chills wit my friend anthony

got bored so theres a random survey thingy under the cut =]
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[05 Jul 2004|11:23am]
yupp so alot has been goin on .. but it aint worth gettin into im over it ..

yesterday was fun . no complaints .. except that i was at my dads . and hes gay and i couldnt go to daves house wit sully and all them ppl .. o well i had funn chillin wit my brother tho ..

me and my brother justin went up to thayme street [ i think that was the name] in prov. cuz he wanted to get a hat or suttin .. which he didnt end up gettin but w.e .. anyways on the way up there he was tellin me how hes probably gonna be doing a dance competition wit this kid joe [whos black and relle relle hot] . and this kid keith whos really really hot to0 .. at fall river celebrates .. and there all like wicked sick dancers .. like they can all dance like the people in the movie u got served and stuff . and kieth and joe have takin classes with wade robinson up in new york and there all like crazii good .. and then joe is thinkin about movin to la to be in music videos and all that shyt ..

sudden urge to wanna take hip hop dance classes [that keith teaches] cuz i wanna start dancin with them ! aww man .. keith and joe .. on stage wit me dancin wit them .. hell yea ! .. lol i could onlii dream that lol

summa school tomarrow =0[ . but then soccer game wit taylor twellman ! holly hottness!
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[04 Jul 2004|12:21pm]
wtf !

i was having a perfectly good time yesterday until i went to rock n bowl and joey cabral mentioned alan .. like relle i couldnt even have fun the rest of the night all i could think about was alan and how much i love him and i cant get over him . and then to make matters worse when i was leavin i was talkin to joey . and he was just basically making me feel like shyt just sayin wicked mean shyt about when i was talkin to ryan and everyone thought i got wit brad [which i didnt] and he was just sayin stuff that was totally wrong. and i just wanted to cry . 8i went home .. called alan and he didnt answer his phone .. i donno what to do no moa

=0[ i miss my babii
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[29 Jun 2004|04:16pm]
=0[ . i dont know if i can play soccer anymore i might be on academic probation =0[
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[28 Jun 2004|01:08pm]
so yea stingers game yesterday was cool . found out coaches son was someone i used to see in the mall allll the time lol . and that my friend bianca used to like him or suttin . well thats what he said .. justin pavao was there to . and he was the mascot aww soo funni !

alan came by today =0] . he makes me so happy .

o yea and dan's friend called me from hawaii yesterday at like 7:30 in the mornin . but i guess it was like 5:30 in the mornin there or suttin like that .it was pretty cool . even tho i had no idea who the kid was . i think his name was anthony

okay sum randomness . i found this in someones journal .

Type your username with your:

hands: without yo0
nose: wit09ut yo0
elbow: weikthnolujt)yo-0
tongue: without yo0
chin:wigvboltg yo0
toes: wit6hjou7t yol0p
eyes closed and one finger: withoht uo0
back of my hand: weo9yjhuout nyuo0
palm: wikthgoiuit yuop0
mouse:wi8t6hout 7yo0
wrist:weotyh;puit y6o0

wow.....treasure ur hands!!!!.....and ur tongue..lol
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[24 Jun 2004|05:27pm]
Where Will You Have Sex?
by natterz_
DateFebruary 3, 2016
Number Of Times250
PersonBrad Pitt
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!
break the mold.

[19 Jun 2004|04:18pm]
2004-02-11 16:29:00

+ »Comment and post anything yo0 want. Do it anonymously!
+ »You can post, about anything your little heart desires! A story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love, a rant, a rave, a picture..just ANYTHING!
+ »Post more than once if you really want to!
+ »You can even tell me what you think of me -- good or bad. I wont mind!
+ »After posting...put this in your journal if you want to see what people say about YOU!!
+ »And dont forget...post ANONYMOUSLY and TRUTHFULLY !!! =D
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[19 Jun 2004|04:13pm]
Put an X on the ones that are true.

(_) I've never been drunk
(_) I've never smoked pot
(_) I've never kissed a member of the opposite sex
(_) I've never kissed a member of the same sex
(X) I've never crashed a friends car
(X) I've never totaled my car
(X) I've never been to Japan
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(X) I've never had anal sex
(_) I've never been in love
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(X) I've never had sex in public
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(X) I've never downloaded pornography online
(_) I've never changed a dirty diaper
(_) I've never taken cookies from the cookie jar.
break the mold.

[17 Jun 2004|11:37am]
dont remember so ill just update about yesterday . so yea tommy picked me up and we went to the swansea mall cuz i wanted a mcflurry . aaron was workin so i got one for free . then we walked around . we saw josh and his special olympics crew lol . then we left there drove around in a big circle . then just ended up parkin at the beach . so then we walked to the dock . then back . and we just talked the whole time . then i came home at like 10 .

ryan called me .. that was kinda wierd i relle wasnt in the mood to talk to him but yea i talked to him for like a half hour . he told me how he wanted to chill friday . and go swimmin ... uhh idk =0\

so after i got off the phone wit him i called alan to see if me and him were gonna chill anytime soon but he was at foleys so yea we didnt relle get to talk

then i went to bed
break the mold.

[14 Jun 2004|11:15am]
[ mood | relaxed ]

yesterdays update was kinda gayy . and i just feel the need to write more about my wonderful weekend =0]

friday stayed home all day . and hung out with my sister in law . then friday night my cousin krystina came over and we all went to go see my step brothers baseball game [they won] . umm kevin went to the baseball game it was madd funni . cuz everytime hed like touch me or come near me i would be like uhh u have a gf get away from me . and then we kept doin sum gay invisible wall thingy lol idk .. so after the game i slept at my cousins and her friend josh came over . who might i add is a very horny kid lol . and he was eitha alone with just me or just my cousin hed try gettin with one of us . and it was madd funni cuz we both kept rejectin him

Saturday i wouldnt change one thing about this day =0] . i woke up donald was gonna come by but i didnt hear my phone ring when he called so he didnt . um we went on my cousins boat for a long time which was kinda borin but funn at times . and idk theres just suttin about being on a boat the mood changes and its just very relaxin . so then on the way back in me and my cousin decided that we were gonna sleep on the boat . so after we got off the boat we walked back to her house . and on the way near pierces beach tehres like a bunch of tall grass and bushes and it was all dark . and my cousin was like i dun relle like walkin over here . and then as soon as she said that sum lil critter jumped out and we screamed and ran all the way back to her house lmao . we got the necessitys for the night . then we went back to the boat.

now heres the fun lol

Saturday Night i call alan when we get onto the boat . him and kyle decided there gonna come on around 12 . so me and my cousin are sittin in the cabin at the table talkin about how much i like alan and how much i miss him . and she starts talkin about her ex tyrone and how mcuh she misses him . and being the two most emotional people ever we both start cryin lol . and 2 min. later alan called to tell me that they are there . so we hadda like get ourselves together so it wasnt obvious lol . then we all chilled on the boat in the cabin for a lil talkin about just random stuff we all sat at the table . and kyle would just randomly start singin . or kyle and alan would start movin there heads to the music . idk it was funny . then kyle decided that he wanted to go sit on deck . so him and my cousin went to sit on the deck . wont get into details but the only other time i seen my cousin while they were there is when theyd knock on the window to interupt me and alan . or when my cousin came into the cabin to get napkins lmao . but meanwhile me and alan just sat at the table for a while . then we layed on the bed . and talked and caught up on sum stuff [if ya know what i mean lol] . and kyle would like randomly kick the window or suttin to bother us and then at one point i was sick of it so i was like krystina give him head make him shut up . and shes like uhh i already did . i didnt believe her tho . and just went bakk to wat i was doing lol . so then 3 o clock came around and they had to leave =0[ . so after they left me and my cousin both hadda pee relle relle bad . and the bathrooms near the boat house was locked so we hadda use the small smelly one on her boat lol which relle sucked . uhh then we just layed in bed [ with our own blankets cuz i didnt wanna touch hers god knows what got on there lol] and just talked about the night .

Sunday went back to my cousins house at 10 . then my step dad picked me up at 12ish .. emily came over at 2:30ish . and i tried to do her hair . but that didnt work out well . so idk we got ready and what not . then jeremy came and picked us up at like 3:45 for his friend Sam's graduation party . it was pretty fun . we played ping pong . ate sum relle good food . played soccer [of course me adn emily kicked ass!] . talked . idk alot happend . it was cool tho . o and i forgot to mention . sam is gay . but has told jeremy's parents and jeremy that i am like the only girl that would make him go straight again lol so yea he was hittin on me pretty much the whole time . so then around 8ish we left . i came home and just relaxed the rest of the night

you can read about all of this in my cousins journal to0

Today ive got the house to myself til about 4:30 so ive planned on a day of relaxation and getting some much needed sleep . then tonight i gotta go to the durfee night school graduation .

update tomarrow =0]

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[13 Jun 2004|08:38pm]
[ mood | loved ]

memories from last night chillin wit krystina . alan . and kyle

*devour . papasquash-being papasquished . kissin unda the stars. "def just seen her tit".kyle singin at the table . buggin out on the boat . "go with the flow" . kyle rockin the boat . me an alan rockin the boat . "why dont you just give him head already"-"uhh i did" . trippy . krystina's swollen toe . kyles gatorade . cryin 5 minutes before the boys showed up . sleepin on the boat . the trippy stars . making alota noise on the dock . after they leave finding kyles bottle [with no cap] in the plant . "u wanna just fuck ryte here" . kyle kickin the window . "we'll be right back" . rapin krystina up in the blanket . "its 11:11 make a wish" .

theres more but thats all i could think of . anyways i had an awesome night . and i wouldnt change one thing

i never relized until he was in my arms how much i missed him =0\

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[13 Jun 2004|11:29am]
i saw alan last night <3 . ill update with details later .. the night was unfogetable
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[09 Jun 2004|07:13pm]
finals today . walked home with emily and dave . well we actually only made it to daves house and then we got lazy and had jeremy pick us up lol . then chilled at emms till 12 .

got taco bell . watched passions

went layed on a float thingy in my pool for about an hour . now im just chillin . and hopefully if he dun get home from work late im gonna see alan <3
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[08 Jun 2004|08:16pm]
finals today . i think i did good on english .. i knoe i failed spanish

after the spanish final i went and chilled wit brad and travis . went back to brads house. chilled there . came home at 12

i have done absolutely nothing all day
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[07 Jun 2004|02:43pm]
last day of regular school today . so much fun!

first period - spanish . didnt relle do anything . talked all class

English - talked all class .

Health - watched a movie on 9/11 =0[

acting - talked all class . found out about the play for next year

algebra - worked . boring

science - corrected tests with nikki . finished a lab

history - talked all class . walked around with nessa . didnt do much of anything . it was madd funni tho .

ahh so overal today was just a great day . alan called me like 3 times while i was in school =0]
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