I want yo0 to come a lil closer

Id like yo0 to get to know me a lil

22 September
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Sorry I come to0 real
Guess yo0 came acr0ss mi j0urnal- well.. My Name is Jessica hmm let's see im 14 My birthday is September 22nd. i was b0rn in 1989 i live with my m0m in swansea - i gOt brOwn hair with blOnde highlights i gOt blue green eyes.i gO tO Joseph Case HiGh SchOol and im a Freshmore .i guess it`s alrite ya knOw.get`s bOoring after awhile.`

Sorry yo0 cant define me
Im a wat yo0 see is wat yo0 get kinda girl. I got mah few tru cl0se friendz wh0 i l0ve to0 death and im all ab0ut mah family.. my girls always come before the b0yfriend dun eva f0rget that ... im a d0wn ta earth girl and 0nce i get to0 kn0w yo0 ill be much m0re 0pen nd yo0ll see my l0ud nd crazy nd hyper side.. theres not much else to say i mean if u ask ill pretty much tell yo0 anything.

sorry i just know what i want
yea def. single but i got that one guy in mind nothing has been the same since me and alan seperated but nothing i can do about that . i miss him alot im just lookin for a good guy . to have a good and long relationship with and i can
trust him with anything . we'll see what happens

I adopted a cute lil' monkey fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

My life is rated NC-17.
What is your life rated?